GT-1000A automatic rolling lamination machine
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It is a full-automatic high speed lamination machine developd for various accessories,and mainly used for replacing manual laminating, improving production efficiency,saving cost for customers, and enchance profit. Its target market is lamination of 3C electronics industry peripheral products with high speed and high precision, such as smartphone, tablet PC, laptop, PCB/FPC etc.


1. High lamination efficiency, 3.0-3.6s/pcs (UPH≥1000pcs).            

2. Double working platforms, double suckers, double feeding machines, feeding and lamination at the same time, high operation ratio.        

3. Simple feeding on working platform, the platform area is 170×210(mm)。        

4. Automatic feeding machine on the working platform is used for feeding material to get a stable feeding and remove bottom film automatically.        

5. Online programming is simple and fast, novel appearance and humanized design.        

6. Motion control system and visual identification system with proprietary intellectual property rights, automatic programming memory function, and has a number of national invention patents.                            

7. Adopting the vacuum carved sucker and flexible material wheel which has no damage to the placement materials.

8. Up and down dual vision system,  CCD (industrial camera) is adopted for automatic orientation, automatic compensation, high lamination precision, the upper camera using a fly shot for snapshotting.    




High-speed and high precision lamination of  3C electronics industry peripheral products, such as smartphone, tablet PC, laptop (film with large size, heat sink graphite)