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With the pursuit of high performance, ultra-thin, and ultra-light for electronic products such as smart phones and tablets, product heating problem is getting serious but the heat dissipation space is getting smaller, which leads to a series of problems in the use of products. The graphite film has greatly promoted the thinning of electronic products, and the rapid cooling from point to surface allows the product and your design to have a broader space.


1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin---30% lighter than the same size of aluminum, 80% lighter than copper, thickness can be processed from 0.015mm to 0.07mm.

2. Temperature resistance---operating temperature is up to 400℃, the lowest temperature can be less than -40℃.

3. Easy to process and flexible design---It is easy to form laminates with metal, insulating layers or double-sided tape to increase design flexibility. It can be die-cut into different sizes, shapes and thickness. Adhesive can be glued on its back.

4. Easy to use---Graphite heat sinks can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface.

5. Combined complex structure to fit, precision is up to ±0.08mm.

6. Multi-layer small holes with diameter 1.0mm to benefit efficient waste.



  Application of graphite on mobile phones


Computer, mobile phone, medical, communication equipment, LED, digital product heat sink, etc.