Gold plating on PI film
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PI is one of the organic polymer materials with high temperature resistance up to 400 °C. It has a long-term operating temperature between 200 and 300 °C, no obvious melting point, high insulation performance and excellent performance in diaphragm materials. By sputtering a layer of copper, nickel, silicon or gold on the PI substrate, and post-electrolytic plating treatment to realize high film thickess of copper, nickel, tin, silver and gold, electromagnetic shielding, thermal conductive insulation, conductive insulation, and resistance adjustment and other functions are achieved.


1. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature

2. Excellent mechanical properties and insulation properties

3. Good chemical stability

4. Good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance




5G terminals, 5G network base stations, GPS, drones, smart cars, smart wear, smart home and other fields