Metal screen printing
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1. A variety of types of inks can be used, such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, and powder.

2. Abundant ink colors are optional, including black, yellow, and gray.

3. Can be applied to many materials, such as SUS304, C7701, C5210, aluminum, etc.

4. High production efficiency, the daily production capacity can reach 4kk.

5. The minimum material width can be processed is mm and the maximum material width is mm.

6. Die-cutting screen printing products have no steps, no space, processing precision:

7. Etching screen printing precision: ±0.05mm; etching depth: mm

8. The etched area steps are not oily and do not burn.

9. Good resistance to punching, bending, abrasion, high temperature and humidity, anti-aging and excellent insulation properties.

Simple screen printing process:

Die-cutting screen printing process:


  Etching screen printing process:



Automobile gauge, electrical parts, control panels, touch switches, LCD, signage, etc.