Etching is a technique in which a material is removed using a chemical reaction or a physical impact. Continuous etching technology involves the connection of multiple processes. Our company can provide customers with products of continuous operation from stamping to etching in the independently designed continuous ething production line.


1.High efficiency and precision (etching size ±0.05mm)

2.Processing material type: copper-nickel alloy, SUS, aluminium material, etc

3.Minimum capacity: 4.2KM/day/line (3.5m/min)

4.Processing material size: Thickness: 0.1mm-1.5mm  Width: 20.00mm-600mm

5.Process precision:≤ 0.01 

Machine description:

1.Continous etching, main product is in process material of ultra-thin electronic products. The number of bath for different lines is not the same.

2.It can be use one machine and 6 lines at most for simultaneous production.



Internal connector or hardware structure parts' surface treatment processing in 3C, automobile, or home appliance industry, electronic communication products, medical instruments