Glass surface stress meter YL-6000LE
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YL-6000LE glass surface stress meter is a chemical tempered glass surface stress detecting instrument,developed by ZNJN group. It was originally used by Lansi Technology and Biel Crystal. This machine is non-destructive detection and easy to use, which not only shortens the required time during measurement, but also timely monitors the glass production process. The machine analyzes effectively the surface stress of chemically tempered glass, and then determines the tempering degree of products. By checking comforming to relevent provisions of chemically tempered glass included in the People's Republic of China building materials industry standard JC-T977-2005, it is easy to get product quality grades. Thus, the machine is an indispensable measurement tool for chemically tempered glass production industry.


1.Adopts optical contactless inspection, no glass damage

2.Automatic measurement, personal error caused by the tester is small

3.Able to save data with computer for quality management

4.Test samples with poor test conditions can be measured manually

5.Using LED light source, long lifespan, up to 10,000 hours (previously 500 hours)

6.The machine error can be controlled to the minimum by using glass calibration plate

Working principle:

The glass surface stress meter is used to measure surface stress of chemically or physically strengthened glass. By letting light transmit along the glass surface, its surface stress and stress layers' depth are measured according to photoelastic technology. The machine is equipped with a computer, which can reduce measurers' errors and easy to manage measurement data.



    Mobile front and back cover glass, plate front cover glass, car display cover glass, smart wear field and other glass production industries.