Gold plating
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1.Machine type: full plating, selected plating, brushing plating

2.Processing material type: SUS, Cu plate , RJ, terminal

3.Maximum capacity: 19.8KM/day/line (15m/min)514.8km/month/line (15m/min)

4.Processing material size: Thickness: 0.06mm-1.2mm  Width: 6.00mm-100mm

5.Process precision:≤ 0.01

Machine description:

1.One machine with two lines for production at the same

2.Six gold plating stations to satisfy the requirement of ultra-thick golding plating, and at the same time, point plating, immersion plating and brush plating are available to satisfy customers' demands.

3.Compared with continous golding plating, Cu plating is added to process, which leads to a wider product adapability.




   Internal connector or hardware structure parts' surface treatment processing in 3C, automobile, or home appliance industry