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Nanocrystalline magnetic separator has good magnetic conduction, which can eliminate the communication interference caused by mobile phone signal, electromagnetic induction, metal reflection, eddy current and so on. With the popularity of wireless charging of smart phones, the application market of nanocrystalline materials is very extensive.


1. Compared with cobalt-based amorphous and ferrite, nanocrystalline has a high saturation magnetic induction, which can reduce the volume of magnetic devices.

2. High magnetic permeability, low loss and small coercive force can reduce the magnetic components loss. Therefore, nanocrystalline alloy is the best soft magnetic material in high frequency power electronics applications.



The role of soft magnetic materials in wireless charging

 Magnetic shielding: provide a low-impedance path for magnetic flux, reduce the magnetic flux emitted outward, reduce the impact on surrounding metal objects, and prevent eddy currents and signal interference.

Magnetic permeability reduction: increase the coupling coefficient, improve the magnetoelectric conversion efficiency, use a smaller number of turns to achieve a higher inductance coil, reduce the coil resistance, reduce the efficiency of heat generation (the higher the number of turns, the higher the resistance) .

Wireless charging module structure and application


Wireless charging, smart wear, drones, access control, electric toothbrush and other fields