Thermal conductive silicone
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The thermal conductive silicone is a kind of heat-conducting medium material which uses silicone as base material, adds kinds of auxiliary material like metal oxide, and is synthesized by special process. It has good thermal conductivity. And its high adhesive property and superior thermal conductivity are the best thermal solutions for current CPU, GPU,and heat sink when contact.


1. It can reduce the contact resistance generated between the heat source surface and the contact surface of thermal heat dissipation parts.

2. Easy to process, and can be die-cut into products with different sizes. The minimum size can be 1.2*1.6mm, the maximum size can be  mm.

3. Laminatio precision: up to ±0.03mm.

4. High production efficiency, and the production capacity per hour is





  Computer, television, thermal module,LED, automobile, home applicance, communications, etc.