Water-based printing ink
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Selectively printing insulation ink with plate on metal strip and then curing to produce partial shielding and insulation effect.



2.High efficiency

3.High utilization of insulating material

4.Flexible pattern design for insulation area

5.Low comprehensive cost


Insulation ink: a mixed colloid made of colored material (eg. pigments, dye, etc), link stuff (insulation resin), solvent, additives.

Ink classification (divided by solvent type): solvent-based printing ink, water-based printing ink.

※ Xylene is irritating to eyes and upper respiratory tract. High concentrations of it has a narcotic effect on central nervous system. Long-term exposure will produce neurasthenia syndrome. Skin contact is likely to cause dry skin, rahagades and dermatitis. Thus, it is listed in the third type of carcinogen published by IARC of WHO.

Solvent-based and Water-based Printing Ink Workshop Comparison

Performance test data