About us

Established in 2010, after ten years of development, ZNJN now has many companies such as Shenzhen Zhenjin Precision, Zhongshan Gufeng, Chengdu Zhengshuo, Dongguan Zhenjing Intelligent and Huizhou Zhenjin, with over 10 sales points, 50 elite teams and 100 cooperation partners. We are committed to the development and production of electromagnetic shielding, thermal conduction, electrical conduction, insulation and multi-functional composite materials. we have high-quality die-cutting processing, metal surface treatment, and surface treatment of polymer materials. Through equipment upgrades, the automation capabilities of each factory are greatly improved, we also have automation solution design and equipment manufacturing, our customers cover many fields such as 3C, medical, automotive manufacturing. Our motto is “Quality and Service First” and we use this concept to innovate industry technology and industry development.

Business philosophy:

Quality, Service, Cost and Innovation

Business principle:

Aiming for international company, Operating with standardization, systematical and diversity products.

Development history: